May 2008

Acupuncture Face Lifts

By Elliot Wagner, O.M.D., L.Ac., Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Do you know that there is a facial procedure that can brighten and rejuvenate the face, lift the neck, reduce lines, and for many clients take two to five years off their appearance? It is the same one used by beautiful women of the Chinese nobility for more than a thousand years. The name of this remarkable procedure is acupuncture facial rejuvenation, or acupuncture face lift treatment.

The people of the Orient have always known that true beauty comes from within. They recognized that any treatment must address the state of health and vitality for a beautiful appearance to shine through. Acupuncture face lift clients notice these benefits because the face and body are treated at the same time, and that what is addressed in these treatments is not only the surface, but the source of health as well.

The acupuncture face lift procedure uses the basic ideas of Oriental medicine in the same way that acupuncturists to the Chinese nobility did a thousand years ago. This means that when circulation to any part of the body is improved with treatment, the vitality of that area is improved. And, because every treatment makes use of the acupuncture channels of the body, overall well being is affected. Puffiness and swelling are reduced, the face looks and feels more toned, and the client feels happier and more energized. From a biomedical standpoint it means that real, lasting, physiological change is taking place, not just external manipulation.

I love it when people share how they feel about the results of facial rejuvenation. Here is a recent testimonial from a satisfied client, a successful attorney, who kindly allowed me to use her name and e-mail address, as well.

I Gave Up Facials for This!

I've always thought of myself as only medium-vain. Over the last many years, my justification for facials was easy: my jobs are in the public eye and I make a better impression if I don't look like a wax figure left in the sun too long. That worked for awhile. But aging has a way of trumping even the most diligent skin-care. I added micro-abrasions and expensive creams to my arsenal. Actually, I spent so much money on lotions and serums that at one point I thought my retirement investments should include cosmetic company stocks. I bonded with the many other women spending a long time in the skin-care aisle of Sephora. Much of my personal and internet spam involved remedies for tired skin. I researched face-lifts and surgeons both domestically and internationally. I needed something to help with tired, sagging, dull skin.

My searches were not in vain. I finally discovered the secret to how to have a face-lift without cutting or injections and I don't even have to get on a plane or take out another mortgage to have it. I had an acupuncture face-lift! The treatments came highly recommended by models. I've been so happy with the results! I get frequent compliments on my "glow" and someone actually recently told me I looked "radiant" (I admit that that comment was made shortly after one of my treatments, but all is fair in the land of creases and wrinkles!). Acupuncture almost eliminated my primary "Howdy-Doody" lines around my mouth and my deepening forehead worry lines. Acupuncture is a natural process that does not involve drugs, botox injections, or the possibility of something going wrong surgically. Utterly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time - it does not get better than this!