What is the Felix Letter?

The Felix letter was the brainchild of nutritionist Clara Felix. This newsletter, first started in 1981, had the goal of sharing science based, nutritionally focused approaches to build and sustain health. Clara Felix's perspective was informed by an understanding that health was based on the wisdom of our ancestors. Ms. Felix drew from the fields of paleontology, anthropology, biochemistry and nutrition research in a way that helped to explain how we had deviated from the health and sturdiness of hunter gatherers to a people who were now plagued with chronic physical and mental disorders.

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Who is Clara Felix?

Clara Felix (B.S., Nutrition Science) was a passionate believer in the value of good nutrition, natural healing, traditional foods, the wisdom of ancient cultures, and our hunter/gatherer (paleo) heritage. From the time she first read Adelle Davis, as a young mother attempting to cope with youngsters sharing all the normal ailments, and discovered that nutritional methods really worked, she became a devoted, ardent convert.

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Elliot Wagner's Acupuncture Articles

Dr. Elliot Wagner's articles on acupuncture, written from 2007 to early 2010, appeared in Lafayette Today, as that particular town in northern California was home to Elliot's clinic, The Lafayette Acupuncture Center. The first two articles establish the general philosophy and premises of acupuncture. It was important to Elliot that readers and patients alike see the physiological basis of acupuncture, as well as recognize that Western science has increasingly validated this venerable Chinese medicine. The bulk of the articles contain specific topics of acupuncture treatment — for example, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, as well as all manner of pain.

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Because nutritionist Clara Felix digs into medical research to give you fact your doctor may pass over!
No commercials--just practical ways to use nutrition to get healthy and stay that way!

Whole grains, nuts, seeds, Vs. bleached white flour, white bread, refined sugar

"The Felix Letter is four pages of highly informative, alternative suggestions to improve health and diet. The issue I examined was a forthright examination of prostaglandins, carefully documented, yet easy to understand."

Bill Katz,
October 15, 1983

"Yours is a great little newsletter! I've recommended it to many students."

Beatrice Trum Hunter,
Dean of nutrition writers, more than a dozen published books, beginning with the classic The Natural Foods Cookbook.

"I have seen your Newsletter and have admired it for the work that you have done....You're contributing greatly to the enhanced understanding of the importance that nutrition plays in health. Keep up the great work!"

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., biochemist, author, teacher.

"Dr. Bernard Rimland passed on to me some copies of your Newsletter. I am most impressed and I must congratulate you on its accuracy. If you want any more information on evening primrose oil in specific areas of clinical medicine please do let me know."

Dr. David Horrobin, director of research, Efamol Research Inc., Nova Scotia, Canada. Author of scientific texts, including Prostaglandins: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Clinical Significance.

"This publication is highly recommended reading."




Clara Felix co-authored THE OMEGA-3 PHENOMENON by Donald O. Rudin, M.D. (Rawson/Macmillan 1987; Avon paperback edition 1988), the definitive work on the "missing-link" fats which regulate and empower the body and brain.